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Is The Un Raw Un Vegan Movement Rumbly In Your Tumbly?

There is a movement away from vegan and sometimes away from raw within the raw vegetarian movement. You asked me what I thought about it, so here goes…

A raw vegan diet is not easy for everyone to stick to long term. Some people realize that no matter what, it hasn’t worked out well for them. And that’s okay, the universe allows U-turns and life is just a beautiful journey. I think above all, what we’re really seeing is a load of honesty, and I really appreciate that. I love it when people are honest about their work, especially if they have a “following”. I can’t stand it when people say “raw chocolate poison” and then be seen eating chocolate cake in public. It doesn’t sit well with me.

where am i

In my 2008 book Evie’s Kitchen, I wrote about the issues surrounding a vegetarian diet, so if you’ve read it, you’ll know that I don’t sit on the puritanical vegan side of the fence. I do not believe it is possible to raise a child on a vegetarian (non-fortified) diet and yet for personal reasons I want myself and my daughter to avoid animal products as much as possible. Here I am right now:

  • I’m still vegetarian (about 25 years now, but can’t really remember).
  • I’m still mostly raw (about 95-98%).
  • I still have the odd glass of champagne or wine.
  • Sometimes it’s not so weird, sometimes it’s not at all.
  • I still have superfoods with what I eat at home.
  • Most of my food is in liquid form.
  • I still go heavy on herbs.
  • I participate in many other healing modalities such as Reiki, Affirmation, Kambo, Ayahuasca and Iboga because food is not our only medicine.
  • I still supplement with B12, bone formula, vegan DHA, MSM and a few other things.
  • I still feel healthy, but document when I’m not because I know you value honesty too (like when I got a frozen shoulder).
  • I really feel really satisfied with my diet.

However, I feel very disconnected from the “vegans should only supplement with B12” party line, because it just isn’t true. If you see emails and letters from moms who have tried that diet with their kids (high fruit / low fruit / high fat / low fat and all combinations in between) and their kids didn’t improve, you’d feel heartbroken. And you have to talk, too.

So in the name of honesty, I want to tell you something I did a couple of years ago that might shock you. I ate some raw sheep’s cheese. God, it was strange, after twenty odd years without it. I did it really consciously, and it was a very small amount (about 1 cm cubed). It took me about 30 minutes to get it in my mouth. It was strange, unnatural, and my mind didn’t want to do anything. But I repeated it three times on three different days, because I wanted to know if my body wanted it.

It didn’t feel right to me at all, but I was glad I tried it, because after so long, I wondered if I had become a vegetarian just for the sake of it. Later, I remarried to a form of veganism. I’m glad, because I really like being a vegetarian. But a vegetarian who supplements properly and constantly evaluates his diet.

Where is Evie?

  • Evie still eats a few organic free range egg yolks.
  • I’m trying to increase them to about five a week.
  • She has a small amount of raw organic local yogurt and some raw cheese.
  • He loves honey, and has a native honey as well as a Manuka honey.
  • He eats as much raw food as I can get into him.
  • She has superfoods in almost everything she eats.
  • He drinks medicinal herbs every day.
  • He has a daily multivitamin.
  • He has other supplements daily (like bone supplements in his food).
  • He has vegan DHA when I can get him that.
  • She tried (organic) meat once when I wasn’t looking.
  • He liked it but didn’t want to try it again.
  • I asked him if he wanted some salmon once but he wouldn’t.
  • He prefers not to eat animals.
  • She was happy with the non-raw compromise I allowed her.

So should you be vegan?

I would never try to convince anyone to go vegan, it’s a huge choice, if you’re going to do it right for a long time. A vegetarian diet has little or no nutrients, and I’ve written extensively about this and what to do about it in Evie’s Kitchen. I supplement, and always have. I will never be a complementary vegetarian and I would never recommend it to anyone. Deficiencies often grow slowly, and second-generation deficits are heartbreaking to witness. If you want to become a vegetarian, first get full knowledge about it and go easy on yourself. It’s great not to eat animals, but you have to make a choice. Never do it because someone else tells you to. Well, that goes for everything in life, right?!

But being vegan is not normal

No, it’s not. Even “vegan” horses and cows eat lots of insects and poo. That’s why I supplement (which is not natural). I’m heavy into being as self-sufficient as possible. I see how to create that reality in my home in the south of the UK. I am a man of unlimited possibilities and I know it can be done with some non-local supplements. My personal feelings are: would I rather eat a part of an animal than take a very small unnatural supplement? no You can choose otherwise, and that’s totally fine. But for my daughter, it’s a little different. He’s not me and he has a lot to do. I want to make sure he doesn’t have even a borderline deficiency, which is why he eats small amounts of non-meat animal products.

Why transfer?

There is always change. They are more prominent now because people are famous on their own Facebook. Ultimately, my goal is to spread the word about how to be the healthiest while feeling good about your ethical choices. Its practical combinations are endless. Take a bit of what you love from the people you vibe with and create your own world. That’s so much fun!

So what can we do?

There will always be people who follow the next big diet trend because they didn’t really feel satisfied with the last big diet trend. So it’s very good if you are involved in this unvegan unveggie thing: just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If someone tells you saturated fat is good, great, eat it. But remember what you’ve learned about how harmful fats are when cooking. If someone says eat colostrum and it resonates with you, eat it. Just don’t expect what everyone says is the thing that saves you. You can do this in the long term by eating a variety of organic, raw and nutrient-dense foods. If you remain vegetarian, please supplement. If you are not a vegetarian, please try your best to eat from non-intensive farms. And whatever you choose, be happy, smile, and be thankful you have so many choices.

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