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Why God Created This World?

Why did God create this world? The question has puzzled not only philosophers, religious leaders, mystics, artists, but also scientists. Scientists also fail to explain why and how this universe was created. Why did the Big Bang happen? How was the universe before the big bang? Who will ask this question? An old Hindi song expresses this quest of man in the following words

Whoah! creator of the world

What came to your mind?

Why did you create this world?

Why did you create living things?

Beautiful faces and beautiful faces,

Why did you only enjoy love,

So why the pain of separation?

Although we know that this world was created by God or evolved from energy but we do not get any explanation of the reason for its creation. Cause of creation is necessary because knowledge of cause is necessary to predict effect. It is difficult to live in harmony with the will of God or the laws of nature without knowing the purpose of creation. Einstein also wanted to know God’s thoughts as he said, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest is details.”

What does scripture say about creation?

The scriptures do not help much in understanding this eternal mystery. The Bible only deals with Genesis in the first chapter saying that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless, empty, and dark, and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. Then God created light, water, plants, day and night, stars, birds and animals. Finally God created man in his own image and subsequently created woman from man’s rib. The theory of creation in Islam is very similar to that of the Bible.

The Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism believes that the physical world is nothing but a manifestation of God. Thus it believes that God is not an external entity separate from the world, but is part of it. “God in all and God in all” is the simplest explanation of the concept of the universe and God.

If God can be compared to a person’s body, then individuals can be compared to the cells in the body. Just as there are millions of trillions of cells, so too are there many different types of creation in the universe. Yet different types of cells such as skin, bones, nails, blood, hair must arise from a fertilized cell. It is now proven by the success of cloning that every single cell in the body can develop itself into a complete body that resembles the parent body. Thus God is present in all living beings and every living being has the goal and capacity to become God and achieve moksha or union with God by the power of action.

In the Gita when Arjuna wanted to have the Lord’s darshan, Sri Krishna said

O Arjuna, behold my divine form of a hundred thousand manifold colors and shapes. See all the celestial beings and many wonders that have never been seen before. Also see the entire creation—animate, inanimate, and whatever you want to see—all in one place in my body. But you cannot see me with your physical eyes; Therefore, I give you divine eyes to see my glorious power and majesty. (Gita, 11:5-11.08)

Thus there are broadly two types of doctrines in the scriptures. One which sees God as an external entity who created the world i.e. dualism and the other which considers creation and God as one and the same thing or monism. The non-difference of God and living being is often referred to as Advaita (non-dualism) in Hinduism or the Vedanta philosophy of the Upanishads. Yet monistic philosophies like Einstein’s theory of relativity are the most difficult for the common man to understand. Therefore, in reality, most Hindus believe in the concept of a God who is separate from the individual and who governs and governs the universe. In fact, Hindus believe in not one God, but millions of Gods, all of whom have special functions to perform. However, it is also agreed that all gods are nothing but manifestations of the One Absolute Reality. Further Hinduism has all Gods in human form and so it agrees with Christianity that God created man in His own image.

All scriptures widely agree that this world is not the only world created by God. They all give the idea of ​​heaven or paradise where the inhabitants are free from the problems of this world which is considered a place of pain and suffering where people are sent to be punished. The Bible says that man was punished because of the “original sin” committed by Adam. Hinduism says that this world is the Karmabhumi or place of action (Kriya) where a person can work and perform so that he can attain liberation or release from this world. Buddhism also recognizes that suffering is inevitable in this world and that man’s goal is to be freed from pain through true knowledge or wisdom.

Yet if we have faith in the wisdom of God, then there must be a purpose in the design of the world and every person must be born into this world for a purpose and a goal. What can be the purpose of God and the goal of man?

To realize God

All scriptures indicate that the goal of all human beings is to realize God or to become like God. The idea of ​​God in every religion is to help man find an ideal life to attain divinity. Christians are expected to follow the life of Jesus Christ, Muslims must follow the life of Prophet Mohammad and Hindus must be like Rama and Krishna. Buddhists also want to be like Buddha. Thus all the Prophets and Gods in their human incarnations provided an ideal that man must follow in his life so that he becomes like God.

Once a person becomes divine, he deserves a place in heaven and is freed from earthly bonds. This is the real goal of all religions. All religions agree that man must free himself from worldly pursuits and become spiritual so that he can enter the kingdom of God. heaven

Although, the world is depicted as a place of evil and pain yet few people find the world so painful. In fact most people love this world and its various creations and want to live in this world forever. Rarely does a man want to die despite all the hardships he endures in this world. Because if there is suffering, there is also joy in this world. How many people in this world are really interested in being spiritual? Most people prefer worldly things to God, says this famous Hindi song.

If aside you, my lover,

And God on the other hand,

I will say sorry to God,

And hold your hand

purpose of the world

God has created this world very intelligently. When He created the first man and woman, He gave some of His power to His creatures so that they could create other creatures. Thus all human creations are very similar to God’s creations. All institutions and systems created by man are inspired by God. The concepts of justice, equality, love, affection are nothing but divine qualities existing in man.

Since man is nothing but the image of God, all his creations must have something in common with God’s created institutions. Thus the world has been perceived differently by different people. Shakespeare saw the world as a stage in “As You Like It”.

All the worlds are a stage,

And all men and women are mere players;

They have exits and entrances,

And in his time a man plays many roles,

He started acting at the age of seven.

In the eyes of an artist, the world is nothing but a play in which each person is playing a role. However, this assumption is only partially true because humans in this world are given free will by God to think and act. So people are not acting but facing the real world with real forces of pain and pleasure. This world feels like a school where test problems, although artificially created to test knowledge, are very real to the student.

The world as a school

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without the concept of schools of thought. Every man attends a school at an early age and learns the knowledge of the world from his teachers. He has to pass the tests conducted by the schools which test the person’s worldly knowledge. Once a person acquires worldly knowledge, he is fit to enter a profession and contribute to the material improvement of the world.

While in school, every person has to go through many tests or artificially designed questions or situations and must find answers to these problems. Once he is able to solve simple and artificial problems, gradually he develops the ability to understand and solve the complex problems of life.

All scriptures agree that the ultimate goal of man is to attain liberation which can only be attained by becoming divine. The path of divinity is the path of prophets and avatars who attained divine knowledge and became spiritual. Every person’s goal is to become spiritual and renounce worldly pleasures. The world is made in such a way that it always tempts a person to worldly pursuits. In Indian philosophy it is also called maya or maya. The forces of the world are so powerful that it is almost impossible for most people to resist its attraction. Thus a man is constantly tested in his life in the school called Earth. When he is spiritual, then he knows true happiness and the knowledge of God.

Thus the world is not created without a purpose; It tests whether you listen to the message of the body or the spirit. We all start from the body and move to the soul. A person who ignores the message of the soul and listens only to the flesh, the soul causes him pain and suffering to bring him on the right path. Atman is the cause of all happiness and no happiness is possible without the joy of Atman. Like a good examiner, God does not give you the correct answer but only gives you hints that enable you to learn the lesson yourself.

Thus nature which is the physical manifestation of the world is like a book which should be used to educate the soul so that man can become spiritual. In the words of Swami Vivekananda,

The main reason for the existence of nature is the teaching of the soul; It has no other meaning; It is because the soul must have knowledge, and through knowledge it must liberate itself. If we always remember this, we will never be connected with nature; We will know that nature is a book that we must read; And when we acquire the necessary knowledge, the book has no value to us.

Those who understand this message gradually realize their soul and distance themselves from the world and worldly pursuits. By understanding the voice of the Spirit, one also develops the ability to understand God’s language and become God’s messenger on this earth. These people are called spiritual beings, avatars or prophets by the world. One, who has become truly spiritual, attains godhood and passes the test of the world to enter the kingdom of God.


The world was not created by God without a purpose. This world is like a school and nature is like a book written by God which helps a person in his spiritual evolution by learning to listen to God’s message from his soul. Once he acquires the necessary qualifications and merits, he passes the test of this world, so as to attain godhood and enter the kingdom of God.

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