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Cancer, Compassion and Gravitational Force – An Open Address to the United Nations Secretariat

Medical science has made compassionate discoveries, such as providing anesthetics to ward off the pain of surgery. Major new discoveries now exist to improve the human condition. At the same time, millions of people are leaving religious terrorism around the world. As this concerns human health, the problem is brought under the auspices of a medical science. However, such a science cannot solve this problem until it can confront a new awareness about the psychological nature of human mathematical intention. Mainstream Western science has led the culture to become obsessed with a pathological aspect of mathematical thinking. However, it can now be shown that the mind embraces two aspects of mathematical thinking, one compassionate and the other completely carcinogenic, that are directly related to the trauma of cancer growth and development. Quantum entanglement to guide optimal evolutionary consciousness is about the energies of biological information interacting with the energies of chaos, as proposed by the 1939 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Svent-Giorgyi.

In his second book on the theory of evolution entitled The Ascent of Man, Charles Darwin noted that the existence of human compassion was evident. So much so that in peaceful societies compassion can be linked to the destiny of human evolution. Darwin, like most other scholars educated in the realms of Western science, was completely unaware that Isaac Newton had published his theory that gravity caused the evolution of sentient universal consciousness. This is a foolproof argument. Confirmed in Newton’s 28th Query Discussions published in the second edition of Opticks in the English language. Newton derived this theory from ancient Greek science that linked gravitational force with a universal bloodbath to pour the life force into the cosmic egg.

This concept was taken from ancient Egyptian theories of creation, in which individual mathematical purpose belonged to the moral operation of an infinite living universe. Compassion was a crucial behavioral concept, which, in the Second Kingdom, was fused with political law. The Greek geometer Thales and the mathematician Pythagoras studied Egyptian moral political mathematics in Thebes, and their work led to the invention of moral science in Third Century BC Greece.

Compassion is now central to the science of quantum biology as an infinite fractal logic that governs the evolution of emotional consciousness and can now be defined in new scientific terms. The quantum physics of nanotechnology has been used to examine the properties of the emotion molecule discovery by Dr. Candace Pert. This molecule constantly upgrades the health of cellular development so that newborn children’s DNA evolves to better cope with their genetic environmental changes. This compassionate function affects the future of the human species, which cannot be identified with the past primitive, violent behavior of animals with immature sexual feelings. Darwin saw this animalistic behavior as ensuring the survival of the fittest, however, almost all previous life on Earth has disappeared. The concept of compassionate human survival must be critically examined scientifically as it relates to human evolution within a multidimensional universe. However, the practical ability to do so is beyond the scientific expertise of those who can only define universal compassion based on yesterday’s religious separatist beliefs. In the past, such quantum evolutionary leaps have led to hatred, fear and unimaginable psychotic violence, as history has clearly recorded.

In 1969 the American Psychological Association in Washington explored the idea of ​​an evolving consciousness, inspiring Julian Jaynes to write his controversial book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, published in 1979. Jaynes argued in his book that a bicameral mentality – a separation between the rational and the intuitive aesthetic mind – was a normal state of the human mind as recently as 3000 years ago. During the 21st century, evaluations of his book by neuroscientists gave lasting biological credibility to his theories about the human evolutionary process.

Julian Jaynes wrote about the early evolutionary process related to connecting both cognitive aspects of the human mind. The peaceful peoples living in Mesopotamia remembered the familial guidance of deceased illustrious elders as voices in their minds, regarding them as the voices of the caring gods. In other races, who had invented things like mathematics and cuneiform writing, people began to lose this comforting, benign form of schizophrenia and made idols to replace primitive consciousness. The priests, claiming to know the will of such idols, despised the peaceful people and provoked them to fanatical hatred.

Anatolian refugees, seeking freedom from invasion, were so widespread in 1200 BC. when the vast empire of the Hittites collapsed. The most powerful king of central Assyria, Tiglath-Pileser I, carried away thousands of passive people, as well as enslaved many refugees, condemning them to government policies of the cruelest nature imaginable. The King had engraved images depicting this gruesome death by slow torture of non-violent people. Similarly, in 1600, Giordano Bruno was imprisoned, tortured, and then burned alive by the Roman Catholic Church in Rome for teaching about the ancient lost Greek concept of gravity at Oxford University. Newton suffered a mental breakdown after being similarly threatened by the church in England for daring to publish about this lost Greek gravitational idea.

The only mathematical logic that supports Newton’s gravitational concept of evolving emotion is infinite fractal logic. In this day and age it may be considered a crime against humanity that our mainstream scientific culture continues to deny that infinite logic can be connected to living process. It is no longer acceptable for science to continue to define compassion in terms governed by a law of physics that requires the ultimate destruction of all life in the universe. Albert Einstein’s genius can now be immortalized beyond the limits of this “universal law of heat death” which he mistakenly believed to be the supreme law of all science.

Some scientists are now beginning to realize that as science evolves, it must embrace the actions of compassionate evolution if civilization is to avoid extinction. The original pagan Platonic Greek science was devoted specifically to avoiding such an extinction, which was mathematically linked to its definition of absolute chaos as a property of unformed matter within the physical atom. Although it is normal for some species of animals to fight to the death for a chance to mate, this does not ensure infinite evolution. It is now necessary for humanity to free itself from what can be described as a primitive religious mentality that compels it to worship the terrible, ancient gods of destructive chaos.

The optimal growth and development of shells through space-time has been measured to use an invisible mechanical force of which mainstream science has no comprehensive understanding. This knowledge must become common sense in a medical science as soon as possible. Deep-seated religious sentiments, threatened by the evolutionary process that redefines the concept of spiritual reality, are extremely unstable. Violent reactions will disappear only when the new pan-technology is capable of providing obvious genuine benefits to the entire global human condition. Various races on earth are now forced by the millions to intermingle with global humanity, creating unsustainable living conditions due to religious indifference to any science and technology that could easily address this situation. The entire global economic system continues to promote international debt enslavement, based on the prevailing logic of the law of heat death that has doomed humanity to extinction.

In the last century, in decrying the philosophy of the Nazi Third Reich and the philosophy of empty religious dogma, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell pointed out that both were fundamentally meaningless and that a more loving social system would have to emerge to replace them. . Russell’s most famous essay was entitled “The Cult of a Free Man” and argued that Einstein’s supreme law of all science, the universal law of heat death, should be the basis of social welfare. However, this idea remains an unintentional death cult. Russell’s pleasure in pursuing philosophy made him Britain’s most important proponent of the cult of free love, resulting in the particularly wretched outcome of three broken marriages.

The Babylonian civilization emerged as a materialistic civilization, in which the priests used their limited mathematical knowledge to predict eclipses in order to terrorize the populace. The Egyptian civilization on the other hand developed an infinite individual mathematics, which later formed the basis for the Platonic ethical theory of government in Greece.

During the 1800s, America’s champion of democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, used infinite Sanskrit mathematical logic, which allowed evolution to be an infinite biological process, to point out that American civilization had inherited the Babylonian mechanical ethos to plunge people into economic slavery. The concept of American democratic liberty derived from a limited understanding of ancient Greek political philosophy was declared by Alexander Hamilton, in the framing of the Constitution of the United States of America, to be based on the erroneous assumption that Newton’s theory of gravity was about the operation of a mechanical universe .

Aristotle envisioned a science that would guide the ennobling government to the health of the universe, so that civilization would not be destroyed. This medical science, based on compassionate mathematics, illustrates a new form of cancer research in which medical scientists are able to embrace the concept of mathematical infinity. Georg Cantor, considered the greatest mathematician in history, referred to Aristotle’s theory as the concept of the “pursuit of happiness” mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America. Cantor wrote that the denial of this mathematical concept was a myopic fear of the infinite that inhabited the modern scientific mind.

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