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Planet SSARG-The Bear Cliffs [Chapter #5]

Part Five of Nineteen

[See notes for overview]

Planet SSARG–The Bear Cliffs

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

As the Siren climbed the rocks, step by step, the shrieks and shrieks of the snakes and the rats calling to her, echoed up to her, hour after hour, and the nearer she came to the brink, of the cliffs, the more bear like creatures , those mysterious beasts, two-legged beasts growled at her approach. There was no way that vipers or rodents could climb such a cliff, and so they remained camped at the bottom of the rocks.

As she neared the edge of the cliff, looking sideways, she could see their massive muscles and thick trunks: hairy beasts she muttered to her third eye. They were hairy beasts too, and with large nostrils, teeth projecting from the sides of their mouths, unable to close their mouths completely, as if the jaw and teeth, and the extending side teeth remained in place: claws inches away . very heavy, perhaps 1600 to 2000 pounds; fifteen to twenty feet high, some shorter, some taller.

When she reached the top of the precipice she was exhausted, so tired were her lungs and heart out of harmony with each other: she felt herself collapsing: but rest, oh yes, rest would do, she thought to herself. hide for now and rest, respite will be the healer, but many of the beasts were waiting to corner her. As she was for all the creatures on this planet, this SSARG planet, the Grass Planet, she was different, a stranger. On Mercury or Moiromma, or even on earth, there were beings like her, but not here, not on this forsaken planet of animals and grass where only beasts and undergrowth grew, with some kind of superior intelligence, yes, oh yes, she admitted . its inhabitants; not equal to hers, no, but not so limited as the creatures of earth or Moiromma. They had intelligence to be a creature, a mammal, whatever. And all the species seemed to be cut off from each other, from each other. Like it was racing. They may even have known that certain areas were off-limits: they felt it. especially after seeing shapes and shadows, and it was known to be forbidden: perhaps in their ancient genetic code. And now she, being a Siren, was treading on everyone’s turf. He was pulling down walls you say, in one of those crevices he found a notebook, in the Moiromma language, it had Tig’s initials on it

Midterm for Chapter 5:

Cliff bound & Horseplay

Blaze asked ‘Nob’, a name he had made up for his 1st legend second general in his Viper Army, in his conjuring voice, “Why are you being so mean to your friend here the rat, we are at peace with them?”

Nob said, in his shrill voice, “Horseplay, harmless horse,” the rat nodding, even with a lower lip type smile, confirming Nob’s already appropriate gesture.

I guess, Blaise thought, Nob thirty feet long with a foot and a half fangs sticking out of his head, he could have easily killed that rat, when you’re ganged up on, twenty to one, that’s when it’s dangerous though. to play such challenging games. And Blaze knew there were four to one, in rats against snakes. And he knew they were restless, both creature and mammal, viper and pest. What would happen if the furry rat went crazy with the slimy worm? that was a fleeting thought with Blaise. And the queen, where was she?

Blaze’s mind scanned the rocks, looking up at them: flat on the tops, in, but try to get up 3000 feet to find her, you’d need wings, he told himself. and so, day after day, night after night, he gazed at those high rocks, those brown with red tints of clay mixed with the rocks.

(–We all know that animals cannot be bought by formal logic or appeased by gifts–although it has been shown through preparation processes that it can be done with food to a limited extent, but that was not the case here, it was that these animals they could remember, perhaps they remembered their father, perhaps I say, and as revenge or retribution, love and fatality, however subtle in their minds, were, in this world they were so. Perhaps they might likened to the dark side of the earth’s moon; it circles the earth, but we see it?)) Siren was like a wild cat–she was a skirmisher, who found life interesting and could not, or would not, and she didn’t stay in one place long—she was alert, and she hadn’t lost a fight so far, and she was young, and that was part of why she had to go to Bear Country.

Jokaneen suggested, her mother, what she suggested and did what she could, and would do, and did before her mother suggested. and that was to go to bear country. For some reason, and Siren didn’t know, Jokaneen was no longer tight in her mind, she was getting delayed signals from her. Maybe it was the pull from the moon to the planet. They were 200,000 miles away, and it would be three months before the moon orbited within 140,000 miles of the Planet, so communication would be better, and perhaps Jokaneen could reconnect for good in the Sirens’ minds. But it wasn’t like that now.

Jokaneen: her thoughts on this planet were mixed, however she knew that these creatures were somehow outside the scope or realm of a deity as such it seemed, therefore she knew this planet if it wasn’t hidden from the rest the universe, it could not last long – these beasts of characters, a strange phenomenon outside the facade of the universe, outside the sphere of dignity and love, but love was – a kind of love without roots, not of values ​​appeared human heart — but their values, as they progressed))

The Cliff Bears

A few hours had passed now, and Siren was rested, the sluggishness of her body gone, the clumsiness stopped. Her muscles didn’t hurt anymore. She felt her raw skin like leather, tight, ready, she was in a groove, not ready to climb out of it, not yet, because if a bear from a cliff tried to take her, as they tried, they would fall at the top. Most likely, but she was ready to climb when the time was right. Yes, she thought, if the bears fell on her, they would only kill themselves and her. so they waited, she waited and the bears waited.

During the twilight, they crawled up to the thirty feet or so of the crack,

Her confidence is not as secure as before. That book she found in the crack, the notebook she put in, she put it on the side of her belt like a strip around her waist: she looked at it before pulling it away, a quick glance, “All I had to get off was [is] stop the freezing of the planet, and you…’ and then she had hidden it, but it was something, and her mother’s voice said, ‘Later, look at it later.’ And that’s what he was going to do, watch it later, whenever it was later.

She was out of her crack and away from those giant beasts, far away from them, those monster type bodies. It was the fourth week now, since she entered this forbidden land, where the beast and she watched from afar. They weren’t fast running bears at all, slow, slower than snakes or rats, and he could outrun both, so these mammals weren’t as much of a challenge as running.

It was early in the morning. one of these bears came roaring out of the bushes, with monkey-like eyes. It was too late for Siren to run as she laid down on a pile of leaves for a bed. She clenched her hands and tore the fabric of her loin and her breasts were revealed. two other wild creatures, with shaggy hair, came roaring towards her

these mysterious beasts moved slowly, but when they moved they shook the ground a little, they sounded like an echo from a volcano. It seemed that these monsters were going to fight over her — their instincts for each other, knowing each other, which game they should play, who was the strongest. On the ground naked, her head turned to deny the others their pleasures, she grunted breathlessly under the leaves. She was holding one of the large rodent’s teeth, it was her weapon. and thrust it into the bear’s eye as he gathered his friends scavengers, the game: as he turned to see what he did, thus, lustful or hungry—all desires ceased with the bear howling and letting loose his grasp. And there came an earthquake, a trembling of the earth, they thought of the moment that had created it, and the bears stood still, as it passed through the huge bunch: it scuttled into the nearby forest, but fearing that there might be more of this kind lurking about. The rocks and the tree house came to her mind quickly: it looked good now.

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