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Tsunami Disaster Predicted By Astrology

On the dawn of Margashirsha Purnima (Full Moon) a tsunami of apocalyptic proportions arose and the death blow of an unprecedented earthquake brought chaos. Coincidentally it was also December 26, 2004. And it is only this date that is now in every language in the world. No one is saying that the rising tide is due to the Full Moon. The gravitational pull of the Moon was well understood by our ancient Acharyas. This was the month of Margashirsha which is also of great historical significance. Mahabharata war was fought in this month of Margasirsa in bright half on trayodashi tithi in Bharani nakshatra. Two days before the Full Moon. In Bhagwad Geeta, lord Krishna has described the month of Margashirsha as one of his manifestations.

Today science has experienced unprecedented development. Intensive networks of supercomputers have been developed to process data, but scientists say an earthquake cannot be predicted. The earthquake is a random event. But the astonishing progress made by our ancient Acharyas by their prolonged experience and observation and intelligent experimentation is unimaginable to the present-day Western scientists and mathematicians. Acharya Varahamihira was a contemporary of King Vikramaditya and the greatest of the ancient astronomers or Acharyas. In the Magnum Opus Brihat Samhita there is a whole chapter devoted to earthquakes. But our enterprising astrologers of today make little use of it. That’s why it was ignored. Neither experiments nor researches were done in this direction.

However, the predictions made by some of our diligent astrologers will not be easy for you to believe. So that’s the prediction.


The martanda panchanga of Vikram Samvat 2061 states that, “Between the period of November 27 and December 26 there may be heavy loss of life and damage in America, China, Japan, a Muslim nation or in the northern or southern part of India due to some natural disaster such as a major earthquake and ocean disaster’.

The date this article was written by Pt. Indushekhar Sharma in Shri Martanda Panchanga was on 19 September 2003 the day rishi panchami was celebrated. It should be specially noted that Vikram Samvat 2061 started on 21 March 2004. this panchanga had been released in October November 2003. This confirms that the prediction was made at least 15 months earlier.

In the same panchanga, under the results for the month of Margashirsha it is stated, “in this month there is a combination showing loss of life and damage in America, Japan, China or some Muslim country due to earthquake and ocean disaster or other such natural calamity.” ”

“Scorpio posited Mars conjuncts retrograde Mercury. December 16th Mercury ascends retrograde. Some major natural disaster could wreak havoc.”

“Shri Mahavir Panchanga, Kashi” edition Pt. Rameshwar Nath Ojha states, “Five Saturdays and Five Sundays falling in Margashirsha Month and positions in Amavasya indicate a natural calamity which may cause great damage. There may be earthquakes, landslides, explosion or other terrorist activities.”

We have quoted only two panchangas. There are any number of panchangas published in Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati and other languages. Probably this kind of prediction has been made to them as well.

We do not claim infallibility for the predictions of these astrologers or panchangas. Nor is it that most of the predictions turn out to be accurate. Nor do we advise our readers to resign themselves to fate and make less effort in the required direction.

Our attention was suddenly caught by a news item published in “the Hindu” dated November 27, 2004. On November 26, 2004 there was an earthquake in Indonesia in which 17 people were killed. About 130 people were injured and more than 300 buildings were destroyed. It was a Kartika Purnima (Full Moon) on November 26, 2004.

The point we would like to impress upon the minds of our readers is that there is a great need for scientific research and experimentation and modernization of astrology. Unfortunately we neglect our heritage and act like copycats. Instead of original thinking and research we dance to the borrowed sounds of Western knowledge.

In our ancient scriptures and especially in the sayings of Ghagha Bhaddari in Hindi it is mentioned that animals and birds and sea creatures have a premonition of earthquakes and other natural disturbances and flee beforehand to safer places. In the case of this earthquake this conception was confirmed. In the severely damaged parts of Sri Lanka there is no evidence of dead animals and birds. A wildlife conservation officer even expressed surprise that when there are usually 200 elephants, leopards and other wild animals in the wildlife park, no dead animals were found. These scientists said that there must be a sixth sense with these animals, which gives them an idea of ​​impending doom. If man learns only from the knowledge given by inheritance.

This Meteorological or Meteorological Department of ours which has all possible facilities with hi-tech equipment and sophisticated laboratories publishes its forecasts regularly in the columns of newspapers and telecast on Doordarshan and other channels with the widest possible coverage but they usually turn out to be it’s wrong. However, they are classed as scientists and every year rupees are spent in this department. While astrology is characterized as mere superstition and ignored.

The work of Varahamihira and other ancient astronomers and astrologers should be promoted with the help of developing innovative technology.

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE WAS ALREADY PUBLISHED IN “AMRIT KUMBH” (Astrological Journal of Astrological Research Centre) JAN- MARCH 2005 ISSUE.

by Pt. Sunil Sharma


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