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"The Rose Room" – Short Story About the Stockyards in Minnesota (In English and Spanish)

Chick Evans went to work in the corrals one summer in 1966 near the city of South St. Paul, the summer was extremely hot and you could fry an egg on the sidewalks.

His mother worked at Swift’s Meats (meat packing department), the company he now came to employ, made a deep impression on Chick’s mind and he never forgot the thoughts and experiences that came to him during his last months. summer, working in the paddocks inside a packing house (cutting up pig carcasses) and mostly delivering animal waste to the Rose Room!

The traditional billowing smoke, which drew attention to its tall chimneys as the remains of pigs, cows, sheep and goats ran and burned, slowly over miles of bones and animal waste, circulated the air and drifted throughout the vast yard, second to the nation’s largest in Chicago.

One could see and smell it in any part, section, or corner of the city—leave this putrid smoke, from the yards, to the Mississippi River, some five miles away, even across the Robert Street Bridge, to the H other side of the river, where St. Paul lived, exactly, the center of the city, the center of the city. that dark to light gray smoke, rising into the clear morning sky.

Where some of this smoke came from was a dimly lit, small room through which a clerk brought piles of animal droppings, desecrated meats, from all the yards. From these piles appeared bright and pale ham pus, torn skins, discolored skin and useless bones and infected intestines and so on, nothing to satisfy the appetite.

There was no wind, no windows in this room – this room they called “The Rose Room”, just a round iron plate on the floor, heavy like a Cadillac car, opened by pressing a yellow button and the machines raised this tone the door about three feet high…then it stopped as if one could fall or jump into this pit of hell and the fire of hell fell. You could hear the crackle of the fire, feel the heat seeping through your pores and smell the punishingly putrid stench with it, and almost suffocate in the process: all nearly gagging the lungs, to the point of collapse.

The fire was equal to the hottest spot in a forest fire, it grew along the sides of the pit when the iron door was opened, like snakes running to its sides to escape.

In the afternoons I went to what was called the Rose Room, I opened the door to the fire house, it creaked and cracked under my feet, even the soles of my shoes warmed through the thick stone floor, the smell of this room was rotten, foul, squealing. It made a man think of going back to school, it made me anyway, I learned a real trade – it was a room I swear rented by the devil or maybe God himself, to express where souls go to decay – the abyss of repentance.

My mind conceived such an image even before I set foot in this room, the first time I brought a cartful of animal waste—I remember not having much to say, looking into that abyss of flames, pouring out my cart with rotting animal carcasses, soft tissue, over the edge of the iron rounded door, watching the huge fire devour it even before it hit the bottom of the pot, bold and free.

The adipose tissue, poured down, into the pit, inflamed almost immediately. This was a house with only one window – the fire window. When he had spilled the refuse at the edge of the opening, the fire leapt upon him again, he went over the edge of the frame that held the iron door in place, swept to his feet, jumped back, stood on the wall facing the hungry fire, as if he were a living beast trying to harm him, and a voice said something, a voice at his side, from the door that was usually closed in the room, unless someone else was waiting to begin the same traditional work he had just finished …

The employee

Clerk: Come on, come on! Let’s go here sunny, I haven’t got all day-kiss the rose and go to hell to drop my load! (A laugh.)

Chick Evens: Almost Got Me!

Employee: It’s a suicide escape! ((stated shrewdly) (comes to stand next to Evens)) Whirling when you’re half asleep or daydreaming at work, stay alert in this room kid – now get out of here, get around my back, give me some room to I’m maneuvering in my cart.

Note: the yards in South St. Paul, they created and built the city of South Saint Paul, established in the meantime, 1885-1887, and built by Gustavus Franklin Swift Jr., and before him, his father. Before Swift’s And Company, there was no town south of St. Paul, in Minnesota. It was one of the largest shipyards in the world and second only to Chicago in the United States. This story is dedicated to the Swift family, who in their own way contributed to the employment of so many people in some many areas of the United States, and especially in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Written 16-5-2009 ((No: 398) (SA/5ds))

Spanish Edition

El Quarto Rosa

((El Corral de Ganado de San Pablo Sur, Minnesota, 1966) (Una Historia de Chick Evens))

Chick Evens fue a trabajar para el corral de ganado un verano de 1966, cerca al pueblito de San Pablo Sur? el verano was tan caluroso que podría cocinar un huevo en las veredas.

His mother worked at Swift’s Meats (in the department of meat packing), the company in which he had now been employed, which formed a deep impression on Chick’s mind because he would never forget the pen. que él obtuvo trabajando en el corral, en la casa de empaques, durante los ultimos meses de ese verano (cutting the carne de los cerdos muertos) and special: ¡llevando los desechos de animales al Cuarto Rosa!

The traditional cloud of smoke that made it call attention to its high chimneys while it sounded far away and slowly burned the rest of the pigs, cows, sheep and goats, sobre miles of hues of hues and desperhadi air-desperhadi y se iba a la drifta través del corral immenso, el segundo más grande en la nación después de Chicago.

One could see and smell in any place in the town this rotting corral smoke, all the way down to the Mississippi River, approximately five miles away and even crossing the Roberto Bridge, on the other side of the river proper, the city center ; aquel humo oscuro, lightamente gris, levantando en el cielo claro de la mañana.

Hadia una luz tenue de donde este humo venia, un cuarto pequeño donde an emploado woulda traería, de todas partse del corral, montones de resto de animales para batarlos, carnes malogradas. Podía verse, en estas pilas, intensos y palidos pus de los jamones, costados rasgados, piel discolorida, huesos unutilizables e intestinos infectedados, etcétera, nada para complacer a un apetito.

There were no windows and no wind in this room – in this room they called it “El Cuarto Rosa” – only a round iron plate on the floor, as heavy as a Cadillac car, was opened by a pressure cooker that would lift this ton of doors , cerca de un metro de altura…luego éste se detendría como si una persona podría caerse o saltar dentro de esta fosa infernal? había un fuego de inferno. Tú podrías oír el sonido del fuego, sentir el calor penetrando tus poros, aparte de oler esa hediondez putrefacta y casi sofocante? en el processo: todo esto estaba a punto de asfixiar a los pulmones, al punto de collapsar.

El fuego was equal to the most ardient point in a fire in the forest, it grew along the sides of the pit when the iron door opened, like snakes running beside it to escape.

En las tardes iba a lo que ellos llamaban El Cuarto Rosa, abría la puerta de la casa de llamas, esta crujía y squeaba bajo mis peis, even la suela de mis zapatos se calentaban por el piso grueso de piedra, el cuartoor was rotten, repugnante y sofocante. Esto hacia pensar a un hombre en volver al colegio, esto me hizo pensar de todas maneras, aprender un oficio real-este era un cuarto, lo juro, alquilado por el mismo diablo or perhaps dios mismo, para decir a dónde van las almas a descomponerse-el abyss de arrepentimiento.

Mi mente captured that image even before putting a foot in this room, the first time I brought a carretilla de desperdicio de animal-recuerdo que tuve poco que decir, mirando en el abismo de llamas, vaciando mi carretilla de carne muertay tecom suaves sobre el borde de la puerta redonda de hierro, mirando al fuego masivo consumir esto antes que éstos tocaran el fundo del recipiente, audaz y libremente.

Los tejidos grasosos, que él tiraba en el hoyo, eran inflamados casi al instante. Esta era una casa con sólo una ventana-la ventana del fuego. When he turned the remains over the edge of the entrance, the fire extended towards him, barrió over the edge of the frame that supported the iron door all the way up to his feet, he jumped backwards, al mirastado envo reve hungry fire, como si éste fuera una fiera viva tratando de herirlo, y una voz dijo algo, una voz al costado de él, por la puerta que normallye estaba cerrada, exceptions as alguien más estuviera traditional Esperanto misomacre acababa de terminar…

El Empledo

Empleado: ¡Vamos, vamos! Continuemos yendo, no tengo todo el día-dale un beso a la rosa y sal de aquí para que yo pueda vaciar mi carga (a laugh).

Chick Evens: ¡Casi me alcanza!

Problem: You can’t escape suicide! ((él dijo astutamente) (él vino a pararse detrás de Evens)) Este te alcanza cuando estás medio dormido, o soñando despierto en el trabajo, mantente alerto en este cuarto niño-ahora mévete de aquí, andatrásed. más espacio para maneuverar mi carretilla.

Note: Los corrales de ganados en el Sur de San Pablo, crearon y construeron la ciudad de San Pablo Sur, estableciéndose ésta en el medio, entre 1885 y1887, construida por Gustavus Franklin Swift su hijo, y antes padre él. Antes de la Compañía Swift, no existía la ciudad de San Pablo Sur, in Minnesota. This was one of the largest corrals in the world, the first was in Chicago in the United States. Esta historia está dedicada a la familia Swift quienes, en su forma, contributes to a dar emmpleo a tanta gente en algunos lugares de los Estados Unidos, y especially, en el Sur de San Pablo, Minnesota.

Escrito el 16-Mayo-2009 ((No: 398) (SA/5ds))

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