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Street Fighting Moves – How to Survive a Street Fight by Using the Instinctual Fighting of Children

The other day, I saw something amazing, a common sight, but this time, I saw it through the eyes of a street fighter. A little girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old, tried to be dragged by the hand of a child who looked like an older brother or some other 12-year-old relative.

As she cried in protest, she suddenly stopped crying and became aggressive. She bit his arm and kicked him hard in the shins. He fell to the ground grabbing his shins and rubbing his arm in pain with a shocked face. Of course he released the little girl as she ran into the arms of an approaching lady who looked like her mother.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the instinctive racing response of children that will still work today for us as adults. We just have to relearn what we already know.

Instinctive Battle Tips

1. Fight like a human not some exotic animal – There has been a lot of romance and myth surrounding most modern martial arts as they are taught and taken from their ancient origins centuries and centuries ago. There is this idea that we as humans must imitate the fighting styles of animals in order to be effective fighters. Really? Animals walk on all fours. People walk in twos. Animals have fur. People wear coats. Animals stalk with bare feet. People wear shoes and sometimes boots. Someone help me! I don’t see the resemblance. Look, that’s my case. The bear has an instinctive way of fighting. It stands on its hind legs with little difficulty and uses its front claws to strike. A kangaroo has an instinctive way of fighting. Since his tiny hands are almost useless, he has to use his powerful front legs to kick and trust – but he doesn’t claw like a bear. A crane has an instinctive way of fighting. It uses its beak and claws with its feet, but a crane’s toe claw cannot be said to be the same as a bear’s claw. A snake can only coil and tighten if it is not poisonous. The snake does not kick with its claws. Where am I going with all this? I argue that we as humans also have an instinctive way of fighting that is best seen in its original state when small children fight, kick and bite.

2. Bite – Bite – Bite – I put it three times because this is the most basic and primary self-defense technique there is. Biting is not polite. And that’s exactly what we want. Biting is painful, and when an adult does it suddenly to another adult, it is shocking and disarming. If you bite almost any part of an attacker and don’t let them go, they panic and literally bite the fight out of them. This reminds me of when I was about 12 years old, when I didn’t even know the concept of martial arts. I was talking to my neighborhood sweetheart out on the sidewalk when the neighborhood bully comes on a bike with two of his cohorts. This bully was maybe 13 or 14 and he was much, much taller and bigger than me. He climbs up beside me. I turn to look at him. “What you’re looking at,” he challenges me. “I’m looking at you,” I retorted, not wanting to look like a jerk in front of my girl, when suddenly, “Pow!” The clown hits me in the forehead. I’m disoriented and before I know it, he dives for my feet, hits me in the stomach with his shoulders, picks me up by the back of my knees and slams me to the ground. Now he’s trying to get into position to punch me and punch me in the face trying to hold my shoulders down with his hands. Well, while he was trying to do that, he accidentally pressed his cheek against my lips. Instinctively, I bit down on that clown’s cheek like it was a prime steak. And I didn’t let it go. Now, he he’s supposed to be the one kicking my ass, but he screams and hollers like a girl. After I got tired of him screaming in my ear after a few minutes, I let it go. His jaw was bleeding and he was in shock. He and his friends got on their bikes, rode off and I never saw him again until today.

3. Mock Fist – This is exactly how the bully got the best of me. The clown punched me. But of course as adults, we have to give it some fancy name, so we call it a “preemptive strike.” La Dee Dee. La Dee Da. It’s all the same stuff. The idea is to strike first before the other person has time to react. (And of course, don’t get frustrated and unaware of a possible first strike coming from the other person.)

4. Learn and master just one or two powerful techniques – Keep it simple. Keep it easy to remember and easy to do. Stay away from any martial arts system that purports to teach you 400 ways to execute a technique against an attack. This is ridiculous because the only thing this is going to do is slow your reaction time as he teases you and starts working out which of the 400 techniques to use as you see this crazy SOBBING guy with a knife standing in front of you ready to explode you like a fish fillet. You will freeze. You won’t know what to do. And in all likelihood, you will end up seriously injured or killed. It’s like someone telling me they want to show me 400 different ways to wipe my butt. Well, I’d argue that at least 398 of those ways are completely unnecessary. If a child is learning to tie his shoes and you try to show him 400 different ways to tie his shoe in an emergency, how quickly he could tie that shoe in 400 different ways is swimming in his head. In self defense and street fighting, less is more, meaning less is more than enough to take care of business and protect yourself. Keep it simple. Keep it strong. Keep it instinctive.

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