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4 Caribbean Island Secrets

To revive your numb senses and spark your creativity, indulge in an extravagant Caribbean break. Golden sands, constant sunshine and unlimited views of sparkling blue waters are part of every Caribbean experience. Here we’ll look at ways to relax in the Turks and Caicos Islands, go on an adventure in Barbados, party in Jamaica, or perhaps admire the splendor of St. Lucia.

Relax like Royals in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are the jewel of the Caribbean. Relatively unspoilt, they offer luxury off the beaten track. It’s remarkable that these island destinations have remained a bit of a secret when you consider that they have the 3rd largest coral reef in the entire world and are quite close to major airports in cities like Miami. With an average climate of 25 degrees Celsius, minimal rainfall throughout the season and possibly the cleanest beaches of all the Caribbean islands, this hidden paradise presents the level of holiday relaxation dreamed of by the frenzied management. Just imagine escaping the constant buzzing of a phone while being served drinks overlooking the magnificent seas. This perspective of Utopia should not really be limited to the best innovative minds because it is very real. It is only ninety minutes from Miami to the largest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales. With the local currency being the US dollar and all the locals speaking fluent English, there’s no other reason to book a trip to a set of islands so perfect they’re almost imaginary.

Adventures in Barbados

It’s easy to just pop into Barbados from the comfort and convenience of your sun lounger, but there’s so much more to be found. While golf may be a “good walk spoiled” based on the raucous literary legend Mark Twain, it’s clear that never experienced 18 holes in Barbados with four standard PGA golf courses, both casual and avid golfers appreciate what it has to offer the island to play golf. There’s also the added reward of knowing that rain will never curtail your game. Casting your line into the surrounding waters can encourage perhaps the most die-hard critics of fishing. The abundance of charter boats that provide fishing, refreshments, equipment and a day’s transport both to and from your accommodation can make the refusal. Forget halibut and pike, in Barbados you will be able to catch amazing fish like Barracuda, Blue Marlin and Kingfish. Two other specialties in Barbados are surfing and snorkeling. It is an undeniable fact that Barbados is one of the first vacation destinations for serious surfers, as it offers possibly the most conducive surfing conditions on the planet. A favorite attraction for surfers, a variety of international surfing competitions take place on the East Coast of the Super Bowl. Barbados’ amazingly clear waters can’t be beat for water sports. Flora and fauna can be explored in areas where underwater visibility is nearly 100 feet. Mysterious cannons and shipwrecks from hundreds of years ago can be scrutinized in Carlisle Bay. Barbados is a remarkable location for adventure-seeking travelers, and its year-round beautiful weather makes it the ideal location for vacationers of all ages and expectations.

Party in Jamaica

For non-stop partying, look no further than Jamaica. One of the popular nightclubs throughout Jamaica is Club Habibi in Kingston. It guarantees you a great night out in a club unlike any other on the island. The curved red walls of the club and the unique lighting of the dance floor, transport you away from the mundane. This club is known for hooking up new couples with amazing tactics, and, no wonder, Habibi is Arabic for “love”. and brings all-day festivities and activities to its patrons. Among the highlights of the club (besides the famous margaritas of course) can be the huge water trampoline that allows you to relive a small percentage of your years as a child as part of your relaxation. Once you’ve gotten rid of your stressful stress and lived it up for the morning, afternoon and evening, you can relax on the seven miles of golden sand and watch the sunset. No visit to Jamaica would be complete without experiencing and making the most of the music the island has to offer. Almost everyone thinks of Reggae music from the island, but there are also quality jazz and blues cultures. The popular Redbones Blues Cafe in New Kingston opens at 11am. While sampling the local dishes, many spend the day listening to the best Jamaican jazz. The above is just a small taste of what Jamaica can offer visitors. Let your hair down and go to the island where the event only needs to end whenever you say it.

St Lucias Lovely Attractiveness

St. Lucia offers everything the other Caribbean islands can and is a major attraction for honeymooners as well as other couples in love. For anyone who is into nightlife and music, Rodney Bay is the place to go as reggae music can be soothing for travelers through the night. In addition, there is the option of deep sea fishing and exciting pursuits such as surfing, but St Lucia boasts a complementary element of nature and culture. After spending a few days just soaking in the sunlight, you may have itchy feet and want to get out more, but strenuous activities aren’t high on your agenda. on the island, it is not necessary to stay out late, or perhaps overdo yourself, to have fun. Simple postcards don’t do justice to the exquisite picturesque elegance of St. Lucia. and, in addition to harbors and bays, Saint Lucia is home to an inactive volcano and rainforests. Exotic animal species such as parrots and hummingbirds, in addition to flora such as rare orchids, can be found in the 19,000 acres of forest. Mount Gimie, the island’s best point, Edmund Forest Reserve and Traumas River Falls present areas of curiosity to learn about. And, if that’s not enough, you can choose your exercise level among 29 miles of trails surrounded by natural wonders. If you want to take your exercise level up just a notch, you can indulge in a game of cricket or maybe even a game of football. The Beausejour Cricket Grounds are internationally renowned and an ideal place to test your budding cricket skills. If you are not really a participant, relax in the friendly environment of the local races. Saint Lucia offers many levels of fun activities that will not exhaust you but leave you feeling excited.

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