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The Dark Legacy of the Beatles

Exactly 52 years ago, on February 7, 1964, a Pan Am plane traveled down the runway at JFK Airport as an overwhelming crowd of teenage girls screamed as the Beatles prepared to disembark. On that day a movement would begin that would change our American culture for the worse.

Although the Beatles dressed conservatively and had all the charm and spirit of proper young British gentlemen, it later became apparent that they had an evil agenda to fulfill. Before the Beatles came to the US, they had already topped the British charts with a series of melodic songs about innocent, teenage love. Their music was a style of pop and rock that no one in the US had heard before. It was so exciting, it inspired other young British musicians to record songs in the same style.

The Beatles were at the forefront of the British Invasion. Other bands and individual singers came from England to “conquer” the United States with their music and fame. A generation of young people were influenced by their music. Teenage boys wanted to be them. The girls screamed and passed out when their music was played.

The Beatles came up with a strange hair style called ‘mop heads’. Other British bands wore the same type of hair, to become like them. Within two years, these troubadours from the 1960s skipped haircuts and let their hair grow very long. Young American men who wore crewcuts also let their hair grow. The Beatles threw away their coats and ties and dressed in whatever casual way they wanted. Like the Beatles, fans started wearing what they wanted. Also, most developed drug habits and their American fans imitated them. What started as “Beatlemania” turned into counter culture, led by the rise of American youth. Teenagers stopped looking at God. They stopped listening to their parents and moved away to join “communes”. Casual sex and drug taking became the norm. Children from conservative families even became hippies.

According to the March 1966 issue of London Evening Standardwhen asked how the Beatles were living, John Lennon told the press: “Christianity will go, . . . It will disappear and shrink. I don’t have to argue about it. I’m right and I’ll be proven right. We” are more popular by Jesus now. I don’t know which will come first, rock and roll or Christianity…”

This arrogant statement caused a backlash against the team. Former fans burned Beatles records and other paraphernalia in the southern states, but that was just a hiccup. The Beatles were still writing songs for new albums, but this time, their songs were new and strange. Their songs became psychedelic – charged with drugs, sex, violence, hidden messages, music and chanting played backwards, sometimes mixed with Indian music. They had even more young fans listening to their new music that didn’t sound like their innocent songs, but were seduced by chaotic melodies.

In the second half of the 1960s, other groups imitated the Beatles. They wrote psychedelic music, which was a product of taking mind-altering drugs. The Beatles were the first to admit to taking drugs. Their lyrics changed a lot. Instead of writing songs about innocent love, they produced music about doing “what you wanna do.”

Between 1966 and 1969, they produced several albums containing all of these changes. These albums contained songs that blew the listener’s brains out. Their covers even seemed strange, especially “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” and “The Magical Mystery Tour” and “Yellow Submarine”. The album cover for “Sergeant Pepper” featured the Beatles dressed in colorful band suits. On the back are pictures of famous people they liked, including Allister Crowley, a satanic cult leader. The cover of “The Magical Mystery Tour” featured the band dressed as animals. Songs produced by their contemporaries such as the Rolling Stones also had many psychedelic cover albums and music. Furthermore, the Stones boldly pledge their allegiance to the devil with their 1967 album “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. This album was purposely released at the same time as the Beatles album. As for Lennon’s statement, other famous singers agreed with his anti-Christian beliefs. They “sold their souls” for fame and fortune. “Yellow Submarine” was promoted with a photo of Lennon making the devil’s “hook’em horns” sign with his left hand, while Paul McCartney turns his fingers into a “666” pose. Even on the album cover, the cartoon image of its members prominently shows the figure of John Lennon raising his arm with the demonic “hook’em horns” sign.

Many other rock/pop bands over the past five decades have adopted these “hook’em horns” as well as the “666” markings. Some have gone deeper, promoting more symbols that represent satanic worship. Many modern hip hop stars, rap stars, Hollywood actors, sports stars, and politicians make the signs to show their allegiance to the devil because they have sold their souls for worldly fame and fortune. It is believed that even John Lennon was one of the first musicians to make a satanic pact for fame with the Beatles.

On February 9, two days after the Beatles landed in the United States, they performed for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show. The proverbial genie was out of the bottle and there was no going back. Their evil plan to culturally and religiously conquer America had begun. They became the most influential modern band ever, changing the way music was composed and played and inspiring generations of bands and individual singers. While they were the most famous, beloved band of the 1960s, over time, they influenced so many other rock/pop bands and entertainers that the cultural norms that had previously existed were scarred as many American youth turned to drugs and ran away from home. Today, the generation inspired by the Beatles are more “cool and hip” parents. who are not as strict as their parents were. Today’s young generation has grown up with hardcore heavy metal, hip-hop and rap. Even worse, they are taking drugs with unknown side effects that did not exist before.

I wonder what our culture would be like if the Beatles never made it to New York? Would America be a totalitarian state? Would there be a cold war with Russia? It is sad that after they had already torn society apart and disbanded in 1970, John Lennon sang about giving “peace a chance”. That peace never quite came.

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