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The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

Introduction: — I’ll tell you how it all started. it was not as simple as I put it, in my final narrative (at the end of this story, which I was told first, and then the second version, “The story”), if you have a little more time that is, if not you can read the conclusion . I don’t expect you to believe it all, it’s one of those things that you have to see to believe and fully understand, I’m a bit of a skeptic myself. So bear this in mind, and just read a good story, by a friend of Tangor and Siren, named Rognat, who told it to me, over a cup of coffee one afternoon, while visiting the British Museum, in London , a few years ago, had heard that I was in town, studying the giants and cultures of Malta, some dating back to 5000 BC. But I believed the story (he’s an old friend): as I said, I believed the story, even with its arctic atmosphere and the fantastic emptiness attached to it. and this tribe called Moirommalit’s, which I had heard of before him (but not this story of course) and so I will share it with you. I’m actually going to quote it to you, since I have a photographic memory. And keep in mind, the conclusion was told to me first, and making more time for Mr. Rognat and the coffee to kick in, I took the longer version and added them both together here. DLS

The History:


The Brutes

“Savages flee, or fight, or be killed, is the way it is on the planet Moiromma, a planet outside the earth’s solar system, with an arctic climate. They have about six weeks of their year, spring and summer together. The population of , last I heard, there were between 20,000 and 30,000 inhabitants, on this moon-sized planet. Perhaps 15,000 of those inhabitants lived around the rock and cave area where the dugout, the mud arena, was, with no name for the city ​​we can simply call it Brutes Ville, it is where many powerful warriors of the planet went to challenge each other for Moiromma’s grand prize, Kingship, given to the strongest warrior of the planet.

“Let me give you a little background before I continue: The old king died, he was 899 years old. The Moiromma live between 500 and 900 years; they are likened to the inhabitants of the earth before their Great Flood. Then there is a contest to find a new king; it is a process of eliminating the weak.

“The Brutes, as they are known, have no qualms about this power struggle, it is part of their nature and they take it more as a sport than anything else. It should be mentioned that the Moirommalit have 100 lives, after death, they reappear, reborn to the same self as before death, usually ending up on some other planet and most often within the surrounding solar systems (how this is done is a mystery to me, call it magic chromosomes, or whatever, it is).

“So the Brutes came from all over the planet to test their mighty fighting skills in the arena, for the crown. At the beginning of this competition, all the contestants fell on reptilian walruses, they were only given a stone dagger. all bound, all seven, the legs bound and the trunk joined to the back of these creatures These giant worms, as they are known on the planet, are an ugly beast of prey, they have fins, but no legs and a smooth belly, and large tusks, and somewhat snake head.

“And then the competition began, all the creatures with Brutes on their backs were in the mud arena, only one man would leave this arena today, such were the rules set centuries ago, if not a Brute, then the last living animal would be released and returned to the Cold Lands, equal to Earth’s arctic region.

” Said one of the spectators standing behind a stranger looking down into the pit, ‘Kahg will not win double!'” And then both spectator and stranger saw Kahg, a massive, muscular beast of a man, draw his stone knife from His rope tied around his belly, now on the monster’s back He dug deep into his flesh, his neck, Like a vulture nibbling on a dead carcass With his stone knife, his deadly reaper: all and wider, deeper and wider and wider, wider and wider, it went until the beast was swimming in the mud trying to throw the prey off its back, and the blood and tissue and bone were all exposed, piercing the side of his body. The reptilian beast could not fly Kahg from his back, and now Kahg began to open his skull, trying to slowly carve a slit through his brain, and as he did so, the beast fell on its face of him, with tusks deep in the mud.

“The spectators watched with horror and delight, it was a bloody spectacle. Then Kahg cut the ropes, freeing his frame and limbs, and stood victorious over the monster.”

((I suppose an Earthling would be surprised and hurt to kill the beast this way, but in Moiromma, it is ritualized and welcomed by all).


Kahg & Yob

“After Kahg’s victory, one after another the Brutes were vanquished, until there was only Kahg and an old man named Yob. Both looked like madmen, the creeping beasts were all lying dead, or dying and throbbing and they throbbed. Perhaps he wished their deaths would come sooner, from prolonged agony. Kahg and Yob were both equally muscular; yet Kahg was younger and therefore his reflexes more alert, while Yob, being much older, he was most skilled in death battles and of course he had never lost anyone.

“Said the voice behind the stranger, the spectator again, “I think they’re both going to be killed?” He was excited, alone, and wanted to share this moment of enjoyment with someone else, I guess.

” said the stranger [annoyed]”Yes, yes…” and he muttered something and leaned a little over the pit to see the end of the conflict.

“It seemed that Kahg, fought defensively and Yob offensively, and the stranger caught this. Thus, saying to himself: there is a moment, a millisecond after the offensive thrust of the fighters, or the so-called forward reaction, which the aggressive fighter has an opening, call it a wink, but that’s how battles are won.

“Quicker than the eye could see Yob left his fighting position and thrust his body forward, and pierced a wound into his opponent’s neck, thus, Kahg had the moment for the opening the stranger was talking about , and he was ready to take advantage of it, and if he had, he might have taken him by the shoulder, thrown him down, as he planned to do, and broken his neck with his cure as he came down, but what what happened was this: Kahg was on the move, his hand about to push the already prone Yob (resting from his thrust on Kahg’s neck with his knife), when the beholder screamed, “Kill him now, now, now , now now…!!” right in the stranger’s back ear. It was so screeching, and continuous, that Kag went to look up, and by that time, Yob had fallen and rolled several feet from Kag, he was now safe.

“The stranger looked behind him, he said, ‘You spoiled the battle,’ and as the man went to answer, there was a hesitation in his voice, a millisecond (he was thinking) and the stranger took advantage of that moment, grabbed the hand and jumped into the mud arena, pulling him back. As fast as he could, both stunned in the arena–Kag and Yob, the stranger pulled a 7-foot tusk from one of the nearby beasts, but a few feet from all three Moirommalit, and with a sweep, perhaps three seconds, opened the bellies of the fighters and the spectator”. Rognat


[Conclusion]: It was a mad, beastly time in Moiromma, as it is today (women, children, men, all and everything had the same composition). So long ago, I dare not say when, lest you say you are a fraud.

Deep thunderous laughter came from above the pit-arena, where the spectators were looking down into the fighting pit (several feet below them, a great hole of mud, circle where the beast and the Brutes fought it out to the last man) here the Brutes they were naked Tied upon the wild beasts, the reptile-walrus of about 2000 pounds, with tusks several feet extending outwards. The rough humor from above continued unabated as spectators looked down into the pit for the contest to be the king of Moiromma.

In Moiromma they were all fighters — the women were tigers and the men mere beasts. There were very few children, but they were like lions with swords.

Tangor had a superior physique, a keener intelligence, and a brain more developed for battle: so when he jumped into the arena, he didn’t even smell of sweat, his muscles tensed slightly, his quick and powerful blows gave finality to the Two they left the contestants in the arena, whose bodies were now trembling on the ground, for the last moment of their lives. they were both ruthless savages, fighting for Moiromma’s throne, but Tangor was faster and surprised them both (but of course he didn’t want to be king; it was just, his nature got the best of him; it wasn’t her stock Moiromma, and of course he looked different, but few of the elite in Moiromma knew him, through Siren).

It was a world with no rules forbidden (however you may, it was the unspoken philosophy of this planet in Earth’s neighboring solar system): as it might seem today in the battle that had taken place.

The denizens fought with teeth, knives, fists, fangs, claws, whatever was available — and so when Tangor leapt into the arena, he grabbed a dead tusk of a reptilian beast and launched Kag and Job, the two remaining. contenders for the throne, five dead and seven beasts now dead in the arena, was a surprise, yes, but not a primary surprise, plus it was against no rules, and largely produced even more entertainment for the spectators. Rognat

Note: Written at El Parquetito’s, Lima, Peru, 11/20/2006 [Dedicated to Ron Hanna]

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