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Living Simply in Complex Times Can it Make You Happy?

A yogic life is meant to be a simple life, free of attachments and with a mind that can transcend the 5 senses to experience life from the 6th sense of intuition. But yoga in our lives, in the mainstream, can be quite complicated. What kind of yoga should I do? Can I afford it? How do I learn it? Who do I learn from? If it is a spiritual practice, why should I pay for it? Today I received an e-newsletter that has the top 10 yoga clothing designers to choose from. Yes! Now we have to afford yoga clothes and a “yoga look” too?

Pahtanjali’s Yoga Sutras give us many insights into what yoga is ii:42 states “Because of contentment, there is an unsurpassed attainment of happiness” and Yogi Bhajan told us that happiness is our birthright.

The truth is that our lives feel more and more complicated. Perhaps this is why so many are turning to yoga. Stress levels have risen, people are taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and sleeping pills to cope with their daily lives. The pressures of these times are reflected in our economy, our health system, our health problems and our lives.

The world is no longer a simple place. The economy is global. We are all aware of the need to return to a simpler way of life to save our planet – our air, water, food supply and all living things. Many yogis are jumping on the bandwagon of the trend, but are we really heeding the message in our lives? Many are, in small ways, and in great efforts. Linda Rowe, the yoga teacher in Houlton, Maine built a house with her husband David that was completely green, using solar and composting toilets. The house is beautiful and built with the help of friends and proof that you don’t need a big budget to be green.

Being on a budget is actually a great way to live more simply. We often create less waste and surplus this way. If you don’t have the budget for regular yoga classes, take a few to get started, see if you can volunteer or trade for some classes. Ask the teacher for a routine at home. Buy a DVD to practice at home or check out a book or video/DVD from the library. The best and most basic practice in yoga is sun salutations. (see end of article for description) While it’s great fun to challenge yourself to more than that, with a few sun salutations a day you can develop a practice that will give you more flexibility and strength. Adding a little pranayama to your practice makes you fully aware of the breath’s life-giving potential by giving prana to our cells, internal organs and systems. As we breathe deeply, we can momentarily release our minds from attachments to things we feel are missing in our lives, unfulfilled dreams and desires, and simply be free in the moment. A yoga practice can be too simple to have profound effects. Slowing down, holding and holding the breath can all change patterns in how we think, feel and be. We may not be able to control some external elements in our lives, but with yoga we can learn to control our mind, body, breath and reactions to things. Everything seems a little simpler in those moments.

In a yogic life we ​​also practice harmlessness and truthfulness. This really makes life simpler, living authentically without having to watch your back or remember a lie you told someone! We can carry this from not injuring ourselves to our physical practice (who said we have to push ourselves into impossible poses?) to the words we speak to others and to ourselves. Are we really making our lives more complicated than they need to be just by what we say and think? We might sit in silence for a few minutes following the flow of our breath and ask ourselves what we could change to make life less complicated!

The fact is that human beings are complex, each and every one of us, but it is how we handle all of our components – emotional, physical, mental, psychological, spiritual – that helps us create the physical and mental balance that reaches the yoga. We can create rituals to make our practice support a balanced life, but we must also allow ourselves to be flexible. If you feel guilty and angry with yourself for not exercising more or meditating more, or at the exact same time every day, this will cause more stress and imbalance.

No matter who we are and how much we exercise, we live in this world. We have real problems. With yoga we have asana to cleanse the body. We have tools to help our minds see things more clearly so we can live simply. Yoga is an art and a science. Ultimately yoga is about helping us try to be happier. Yoga has become so popular that some teachers are reaching out to the masses and are real money making machines. Perhaps the teachers who do not reach out to the masses, feeding the star system on which our civilization so thrives, are the ones who live more simply like the yogis of old. This is what our hearts and theirs decide. Whatever form it takes and whatever speaks to you, yoga is a practice that can lighten your load and make life seem a little easier.

Here is a meditation for inner tension and stress:

The fingers are related to the brain, so see if you can do this hand position as prescribed and stick it out.

Place your hands like a lotus flower in front of the middle of your chest.

Let the pinkies and thumbs (tips) meet each other on each hand.

Let the three middle fingers on each hand come together and be straight. They do NOT touch the pinkies or thumbs.

Close your eyes one-tenth open, looking at the tip of your nose (this determines your mind)

Inhale through the nose

Exhale through the mouth

Breathe in through the mouth

Exhale through the nose

Continue to focus on creating this breathing pattern for 11 minutes as you keep the hands in place and the eyes fixed on the tip of the nose the entire time (it’s best to use a timer).

Finally inhale through the nose, close the eyes, hold the breath and then let it out when needed. Repeat this two more times.

Relax the hands down and take a few minutes to sit or lie down and notice the way you feel.

Sun Salutations: There are many variations of these, but this is a basic one. All breathing is through the nose.

1-Stand with your feet close and parallel, hands at your side, feel the flow of your breath.

2-Bring the hands together in the middle of the chest.

3- Inhale bring the arms straight up and let the palms meet (or not) and drop the head back if it is comfortable for your neck.

4-Exhale and fold the body in half, letting the head drop and bringing the hands to the floor (if you can, the hands are right next to and outside your legs)

5- Inhale and step the right leg back, letting the knee be down or up.

6-The left leg is between the hands until you inhale it back to meet the right.

Continue breathing and hold the plank (front push up position) for a few moments.

7-Drop your knees to the floor and carefully bring your body to the mat (belly down) with an exhalation.

8-Bring the hands under the shoulders and inhale, lift the chest, being careful to keep the shoulders down and back, and lift the head slightly if that’s okay for your neck (this is a cobra).

9-Hold for a breath or two and then breathe into your hands and knees.

10- On the next inhale raise the tailbone towards the ceiling in down dog, spread the fingers wide and press the heals of the feet and hands (as well as the toes) into the floor. (the body looks like an inverted V).

Stay here for up to 5 long deep breaths through the nose.

11- Inhale bring the right leg forward, exhale. (step or walk the foot forward between the hands).

12- Inhale bring the left leg forward, exhale knees bent.

13-Inhale lifting head, push lower back down and head up, now turn legs into a star.

14-Exhale, drop the head to the knees and lengthen the spine as much as you can, keep the legs straight if you can, bend if necessary (for those who are less flexible).

15- Inhale raise the body and arms up, palms meet above the head (or not).

16-Exhale down the arms at your side.

This is a full sun salutation, do 2-3 at least and up to 5 to start. Now you have a simple yoga and meditation routine! Do sun salutations as a physical warm-up and then meditation or simple breathing exercises sitting cross-legged or in a chair with a straight spine.

Good luck!

Donna (Amrita) Davidge has been teaching yoga since 1985 in New York City. In 1997, she opened the Sewall House Yoga Retreat in Island Falls, Maine, which offers guests the opportunity to learn and practice yoga in small non-competitive classes, with personalized attention and in her great-grandfather’s historic home, which offers an atmosphere of simpler time with the beautiful antiques and energy of her ancestors. Her husband Kent Bonham is the chef, musician and oversees the shelter’s work study program. [] with yoga questions, retreat questions. 888-235-2395.

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