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Evils of Masturbation and Some Suggestions for Remedy Thereof

At a recent televised symposium on sex-related issues, a young participant posed the question to the moderator: “Sir, some people say that masturbation is not good for health. Please advise me sir.” The presiding officer asserted, “There is no harm associated with masturbation.” So saying, he went on to enumerate some “advantages” of masturbation and ended his speech by saying that masturbation if not done often, would not do harm, but good for health. He concluded by saying that masturbation is the best alternative to having sex with a partner because there is no risk of HIV. I strongly objected to this theory. I sincerely hope that my objections will not pass unheeded, and therefore write this article for the benefit of young men. Homo sex is also briefly mentioned.

SEX is the greatest gift that nature has given to all living beings.

Every “alive” simply longs for sex with a partner of the opposite sex. In the case of animal beings, only one sexual partner will be very dominant over the other. For the most part, the male partner predominates over the female, as in the cases of oxen, cats, dogs, etc. But in the case of humans, the situation is different. Here the woman is equally, sometimes more dominantly, interested in sex than the male partner.

Civilized society has set some very difficult rules for human sex, and this is precisely why women are subjected to more stringent conditions than their counterparts. Therefore, in the case of human beings the man has a greater responsibility in satisfying the sexual needs of the female partner.

What is sex?

The sexual instinct begins in childhood itself. Female children like to see male organs, touch them and also lick them. Also, I have seen some boys describe the internal parts of women, sometimes their blood relations, which they watched while the latter bathed or changed underwear. The culmination of these customs is, if the parents have sex in the same bed room where the boy is supposed to sleep, (in India this practice is common) the boys pretend to be asleep and watch the sexual act of his parents and his friends describe it to him in detail The next day.

Once the boy comes of age, he likes to see girls, talk to them, play hide and seek. While playing, they will touch their private parts, kiss them and have sexual pleasure. Once puberty is reached, the boy or girl will have some mysterious feelings that they will not be able to explain.

In the past, marriages took place well before puberty and hence sex would not be a problem because once puberty was reached they would be allowed to have sex.

But nowadays the minimum age of a bridegroom or a bride in common practice is 26. So every youth, whether boy or girl, has to wait 10 to 12 years after puberty.

Naturally they resort to alternative methods to obtain sexual pleasure. If they have enough money, they go to prostitutes and if they don’t, they resort to masturbation and if they have some male company and loneliness, they resort to homosexuality. This practice is also widely found among girls and they are called lesbians.

In this article, we are dealing with men only because the male has more responsibility to satisfy the partner.

MASTURBATION means manual stimulation of the genitals, by one’s own effort or with the help of another to achieve orgasm otherwise called masturbation. This is what the learned chief guest who was a self-styled sex counselor said “It is not hazardous to health. In fact it is necessary to reduce tension and craving for sex.” Another of his arguments was, “it is good to indulge in masturbation as it will reduce sexual crimes such as rape”. The third and final advantage according to him was, “it will not transmit HIV because there is no question of spreading the virus when there is no other partner involved who will be able to pass blood-related fluids.”

When a young man asked him, “Sir, can I masturbate tonight sir?” he casually replied, “why tonight? You can masturbate until noon when you get home” to roars of laughter from the audience.

How does this habit start?

In most cases, this habit starts as an accident. When a teenage boy is in the stage of early puberty, he is affected by some unknown feelings that he cannot describe. She takes great pleasure in touching the male organs and massages them often. One fine day, he would find himself having an orgasm due to ejaculation. His pleasure knows no bounds since he has acquired a completely new sensation that he had not imagined so far. Then he waits for another opportunity to masturbate and over time it becomes a regular habit. Bad company of friends makes the process very fast. Reading porn books, watching porn TV shows make one indulge more and more in this bad habit.

What are the disadvantages of masturbation?

Over time, he finds that the pleasure will gradually decrease and eventually give no pleasure at all. He will also lose his masculinity. He would experience premature ejaculation leaving the female partner completely unsatisfied. His reproductive capacity will end as soon as possible. He may have children as the above speaker assured, but his married life would be totally worthless. His wife who has more sexual desire as described above will be completely upset and in several cases such dissatisfied women become unfaithful to their spouses.

Psychologically he will also lose all his self-confidence. He will not be able to compete with anyone either in office or in the family. In short, he would be essentially a dead man, showing some talents outwardly but utter weakness inwardly. I know a well-educated computer engineer, handsome and proficient in computer applications but very weak in sexual activity. This article is for youngsters like him.

Homosexual sex has all the above evils except that the partners are open to the risk of HIV infection. In fact, the origin of HIV is said to start only with Homo sex. In so many countries homosexuality is legalized and therefore it is appropriate to stop criticizing other than pointing out the physical, medical and psychological adversities as mentioned above.

What are the ways and means to avoid masturbation?

Nature has given the pleasure of sex mainly for the reproduction of species that can only be achieved through the right relationship with the opposite sex. But nowadays, due to the population explosion, many methods to stop reproduction such as condom, contraceptive drugs and vasectomy procedures have come into vogue. Overall, there is a sharp decline in the birth rate. This may be an act of Nature to maintain her balance. But people need to maintain interest and participation in marital sex to produce healthy children. At least children who come to Earth from birth should be sweet and kind.

From an early age, male children should be properly trained in moral education. Parents should exercise control to prevent their children from watching pornographic films and reading pornographic literature. They should freely discuss sexual matters with their children. Schools may include sexuality education in their curriculum.

Girls do not have to be separated from boys (as in some parts of India). They should be allowed to move freely, of course under the supervision of parents and teachers.

Training in moral education should be accompanied by training in Yoga and meditation. They should also be trained to live in groups with high moral values. Parents should take care to marry off their wards at the right age when their sexual desire is at its peak. Their interest in sex should also be a factor to consider in addition to other issues such as education, work and earning capacity.

Artificial sexual pleasure is a great threat that threatens the future of today’s youth. They should take necessary measures against this practice. This will avoid any potential disaster at a future date.

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