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The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion

I think most people reading this will not accept what I am saying here without doing a lot of fact checking.

“I tried to send an attachment from a fellow researcher who works on the Kabbalah as a derivative of the Qaballa which is an ancient Oral Tradition as preserved by the Bairds or bards and the Bardic Tradition for over 25,000 years. He finds my background supportive and I see his codes in English and other things of great value. This particular piece is 19 pages in just the letter ‘E’ without getting too fancy or using illustrations, of which it has plenty. Gematria is not a specialty of mine, although I am quite good at prehistoric languages ​​and not bad at Green Tongues and alchemical allegories in the Jung subset from Silberer derived from alchemy or Hermetics. This has uses in psychotherapy and mind control they call Neuro Psycho Linguistics and other words and systems they often don’t understand. It used to be called Dream Analysis, but they have come a long way down the path of mind programming. It’s funny how psychiatrists say they don’t believe in a soul and yet use these archetypes from our collective psyche.

As Dion Fortune said – Kaballah is “twisted”. They have constructed these energy dimensional constructs or blueprints so that Masons and other “travelers” as you call them think they have stumbled upon a great truth through their “visions”. After all who can imagine that elemental and dimensional energies are subject to such design engineering – eh? As Jung says in his foreword to the Tibetan Book of the Dead – the Hindu will see Shiva and this hierarchy, while the Christian will pass through the Bardol stages of the Afterlife and see people like Gabriel and then Jesus.

Here is a correspondence from the fellow researcher mentioned above. His name is Dennis Fetcho or The Fetch.

“No, I haven’t seen any of your recent stuff. I’ve been traveling a lot these past few months. I spent a month in the hospital in Montreal after an attack in December that left me immobilized for a few weeks due to multiple fractures. Some of my advisors they called the attack a military style hit to kill.I didn’t miss hitting my head on the streets but the rest of my body took a lick!

Yes. He had a drink with one of Jordan’s top Freemasons while in Amman and was so impressed that he wanted to give me an honorary degree… as he said, “I wish it was in my power.” I have many ideas in mind and one is to infiltrate Freemasonry and combine it with “right thinking” based on my Isisian Code System which I know would be very acceptable in such an environment.

It is easy to destroy an example through decomposition. I think it’s a favored “Jehovah strategy!”…lol”

“The members of the secret FOGC in the words of a leading friend of the Rosicrucian this means the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion. The Lodge, much feared in occult circles, had assembled for a general assembly in Dresden. The assembly hall was in a large villa, hidden in the middle of a private park behind a tall hedge and large trees. The Grand Master of the lodge had invited ninety-eight of the ninety-nine members to attend. Long before the meeting began, the members had taken their seats in two large tables.

All conversation in the hall was silenced when the Grand Master entered accompanied by his lieutenant, who was acting as Secretary. There was a platform opposite the entrance to the hall where the Grand Master sat behind a desk. He rang a bell and immediately there was complete silence. He addressed the brothers of the lodge in a strong piercing voice:

“My dear brothers, I open today’s meeting and I am glad that you have accepted my invitation. As you know, according to the laws of the lodge a general meeting like this is called only on very special occasions. You may have already noticed that Brother Silesius is not present. Unfortunately, he has been found guilty of betraying studio secrets and, as Item Number One on the agenda, we will discuss his sentence. Point number two is about Frabato the Magician, who is becoming so famous here in Dresden.

“My dear brothers, you all know that Brother Silesius has reached the twenty-fifth degree of initiation in our house, and therefore he must have been fully aware of his offenses. His overzealousness led him to reveal to one of his friends the rituals we use to invoke elemental beings. According to the laws of our Lodge, breaking an oath and revealing secrets is punishable by death…

Although the verdict had deeply shaken the Grand Master, he quickly regained his composure and continued in a calmer voice.

“Since item 1 of the agenda is settled, let us now deal with the case of Frabato. Some of the brothers present watched his performances and were able to convince themselves of his abilities up close. It has been proven to work without the help of conventional tricks. His experiments succeeded beyond all expectations. yes, it was even better than what many of our brothers could achieve. Hermes, one of our more versatile brothers, visited Frabato to try it out. Now he will tell you his experience.

The distinguished gentleman who had visited Frambato late at night was now raised by the brothers.

“I chose the best astrological time for my visit to Frabato. I also took into account the correspondences of the elements to put myself in a strong starting position. Besides, I hoped he would be exhausted after the performance he had just given. that would be to my advantage. I explained the unusual time of my visit by telling him that I had a journey to make which could not be postponed. Hearing this, Frabato looked at me sharply and then smiled faintly without saying a word.

“I then painted a very colorful picture of our Lodge membership. pointed out its many advantages and promised him a large sum of money from our coffers if he decided to join. But Frabato completely ignored my suggestions and started talking about his travels, performances and successes in many cities and towns. He was able to arouse my curiosity so strongly that I almost forgot the reason for my visit.

In time I interrupted him and tried to direct his attention to my offer, he got up and pulled out a suitcase from under his bed saying, “Now let’s take a look at what the Akashic records say about your accommodation.”

“As you know, my dear brothers, I am well versed in occult methods and practices. therefore I was determined to use all my powers to prevent Frabato’s experiment. But as soon as the idea entered my mind, he said to me, as if by accident, “Dear Mr. Mercury, my experiments depend entirely on my will power, and cannot be influenced or prevented by you. They will succeed whether you actively recommend them or not.”

“I felt that Frabato could see right through me and I assumed that I wouldn’t stand a chance against him, so I watched his preparations closely Intention is a key trait to develop.. First he cleaned his hands carefully, took out a small bottle from his suitcase and put a few drops on his hands. No doubt it was made from the essences of certain plants, Perhaps the belladonna and digitalis that had long been part of the shamanic medicine bag, mixed with some of the practitioner’s blood to aid genetic attunement to a solar or molecular and animal state of consciousness. for a pleasant aroma permeated the room. Then he took a small lamp out of a small box and placed it on the table. Then, from a second box, he took out a glass ball about twenty centimeters in diameter and placed it on a stand on the table. When I asked him what purpose this glass ball served, Frambato laughed and replied, “If there were clairvoyants in your house and if they really had the knowledge that you are trying or pretending to have, then they would know that this is magic. mirror. This sphere contains a liquid, the specific composition of which requires not only patient labor but also extraordinary magical abilities.’

“I was furious. but I tried to control myself, for I felt that nothing was hidden from this man.

“I’ll show you a movie and then you can judge for yourself if it’s really in your best interest to be a member of your lodge,” he continued.

“I watched his every move carefully, to make sure he wasn’t using any tricks. He rolled up his shirt sleeves and sat next to me in front of the sphere. Then, he stretched both his hands towards the glass ball, his fingers slightly outstretched. A grey-white light escaped from his fingertips and was absorbed by the orb which, a few moments later, began to illuminate everything with a fluorescent orb of light the color of a fiery opal… I was at the time in some suspense as he said:

“Next we will see the behind the scenes of your esteemed Grand Master’s life… The color of the Grand Master’s face changed a few times. When Hermes began to describe some of the most astonishing events of the Grand Master’s life as revealed to him in the magic mirror, the Grand Master subtly let him know that this was not desired. Hermes understood and skillfully moved on to more general issues. The same was done for eight of the leading members of the lodge.

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