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El Morya – The Lives of an Ascended Master

El Moriah is a rising teacher recognized for his devotion to God’s will. It is the lord or chochan of the first ray, the color blue and the throat chakra. The ascended masters once walked the earth just like us. They had lives in which they perfected various qualities of soul and character. A study of specific lives of teachers helps us to understand what is required for true self-mastery. One of the best-known lives of the ascended master El Moriah is that of Akbar the Great, a sixteenth-century Mongol emperor in India. Other lives include that of King Arthur, statesman Thomas More and poet Thomas Moore.

Akbar the Great is considered the greatest of the Mughal emperors in India. Akbar began his rule at the age of fourteen after the death of his father. Over the next two decades, Akbar doubled the size of the Indian empire, bringing the northern and central parts of India under his control. His most lasting contribution, however, was to the arts and religion.

Akbar commissioned the construction of remarkable architectural structures, collected works of art from around the world, and initiated a large collection of literature from a vast variety of cultures. He himself was a craftsman skilled in fine arts, carpentry, blacksmithing and lace making. Akbar is said to have had refined tastes in a wide variety of music.

During his childhood, Akbar was raised for a time by his uncle and aunt in the rugged country of Afghanistan. Here he developed his physical abilities, practicing hunting, running and martial arts. As an adult, Akbar was also an animal trainer reputed to have personally trained many cheetahs for hunting.

Akbar’s religious tolerance was well known and unusual for his time. He invited practitioners of many faiths, including Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, atheists and Jesuits to hold a series of religious discussions in his courtyard. He also founded his own religion, known as the Divine Faith. This religion, however, did not survive long after his death. Akbar is said to have been both a sound judge of character and decisive in his actions. Spiritual seekers who wish to demonstrate the determination that comes from discerning God’s will can turn to the ascended master El Moria for help and sponsorship.

The life and historical figure of El Moria as King Arthur is shrouded in legend and mystery. Most sources point to his birth around 465 AD. He was the son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine of Cornwall, but was raised apart from his family for his own protection among the warring factions then in Europe. At that time, there was no single king of England. Legend has it that Merlin, a revered prophet and political advisor, decreed that the person who could pull a sword from where it was magically embedded in a stone would be crowned king. Arthur was the one who was able to achieve this feat.

During his reign, King Arthur is reputed to have been a fierce warrior who led the defense of Britain against the Saxons. His exploits expanded in stories and legends to include the ability to fight supernatural beasts and denizens of the underworld. The exploits of King Arthur have been described and embellished for centuries by poets, writers and playwrights.

Additional characters’ stories grew over time. The exploits of each of the knights added color and excitement to the growing history of Camelot. The story of Lancelot, King Arthur’s most illustrious knight, and his love for Queen Guinevere took on a life of their own. Mordred’s treacherous activities and betrayal of King Arthur also became an important part of the Arthurian legend. King Arthur’s devotion to his people and service to his nation exemplifies El Morya’s own legendary personality.

Another life of El Moria was as statesman and lawyer Thomas More (1529-1532). An examination of the life of Thomas More can serve as an inspiration to many on their own modern spiritual path. Thomas More was born in England in 1478. He was a successful student who became a lawyer and served his country in many capacities, eventually becoming Lord Chancellor. More wrote a number of books, including his most famous work, Utopia. Utopia was a vision of a perfect society very different from the world most people saw around them.

Although More was quite close to King Henry, More was opposed to the king claiming an authority higher than that of the pope. More was charged with high treason for refusing to sign a letter asking the pope to annul the king’s marriage to Catherine in order to marry Anne Boleyn. He also did not attend the Queen’s coronation and refused to accept the validity of the Act of Succession.

More’s trial is generally considered to have been a farce, with his guilt decided before the trial even began. More’s defense of his position revealed both the mind and heart of a man of deep principles. He was convicted of treason and beheaded. More was confirmed as a saint of the Catholic church in 1935. Pope John Paul II later officially declared Thomas More the patron saint of politicians.

Born once again two and a half centuries later, El Morya was christened Thomas Moore (an almost identical name!). They were a family of relatively modest means in 1779 in Dublin. Thomas was educated at Trinity College and later went on to study law in London. Thomas Moore’s family instilled in him a love of language and learning. Thomas was also clearly committed to absorbing and promoting his own Irish heritage. While still young, Thomas’ talent for writing, poetry and singing was remarkable. A work called Epistles, Odes, and Other Poems brought his writing to the public. In 1846 a book of his ballads was published called Moore’s Irish Melodies.

Thomas Moore was also successful in his political career. He was appointed to a post in Bermuda and then traveled to both Canada and the United States. After returning to England, he married Elizabeth Dyke, an actress. Moore had hired a clerk to handle some of his affairs and was embezzled. Moore lived in Paris while he paid off these debts. During this time, he formed a close alliance with Lord Byron and became his literary executor. Eventually Thomas Moore settled in Bromham, Wiltshire, England. For the rest of his life, he worked as a novelist, biographer and poet. Tragically, all five of his children died in his lifetime. He himself suffered from a stroke late in life and was no longer able to perform his own works.

When Moore died in 1852, he was already loved as Ireland’s most famous poet and songwriter. Moore’s songs such as The Harp That Once Through Tara’s Halls, Believe Me If All They Endearing Young Charms and The Meeting of the Waters have become Irish classics that can be heard around the world. Thomas Moore’s appreciation of beauty, his Irish heritage, and his devotion to the ideals of love set him apart among poets. He is considered a “poet of the soul”.

Today El Morya continues to guide and inspire spiritual seekers. There are many important or landmark HeartStreams from the rising master El Morya. His qualities of obedience to God’s will and absolute integrity shine through his constant messages to his own. On September 24, 2009, El Morya spoke to a group of spiritual students:

The sand in the hourglass is falling. And it is up to those who understand the laws of divine life to emerge from beneath what prevailed the lower reality of divine existence to emerge fully into the light and fly into the new reality known to all who love God.

I am El Morya. And I stand by your side, every one, if you had me. It is your determination and dedication to the status within God’s existence that acclimatizes you to the divine impulses with which my presence or any ascended master may be with you. If you are looking for the highest level of skill, then you need to know the experts. You must try to merge with the same stream of light they emit. You must process all that occurs within your world within the sacredness of heart awareness, of attention to the highest purpose. And when you’re in that mode, cosmic currents flow and there’s an influx of a new radiance that just takes you into that cosmic consciousness that you desire.

El Morya also continues to encourage his students, or chelas, to master the use of words and communication – whether in poetry or writing righteous laws. El Morya’s comments on September 1, 2009 regarding the use of the spoken word apply today, just as his dedication to integrity, honesty, and virtue in the spoken word was demonstrated in many past lives:

We have expressed the teaching that in the science of the spoken word, when you say your prayers and decrees, light is anchored in matter. The light of heaven descends and manifests as tangible reality. Angelic presences come, ascended masters pour forth their light, [and] Their Electronic Presence can facilitate change within matter itself. However, consider this day this new idea that you can enter the divine realm at our call, at our desire and through a heightened awareness contact the higher awareness of the ascended masters and serve in the heavenly realms as you meditate and pray, even and how we served you upon your call.

Learn more about ascended Master El Morya and other ascended masters and their teachings at the website listed below.

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