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Animal Symbolism in Feng Shui – Your Key to Success, Happiness, and Wealth

Below are some common animals used in activation areas in Feng Shui. There is a long list of animals you can use, this is just a sample of them.

Cow: The Chinese revere the cow because it pulls the plow used to prepare the fields from which they harvest their crops and represents the season of Spring.

Crane. It symbolizes fidelity and longevity. Placed with a water feature in the North, it represents good luck, wealth, wisdom and longevity for mother and father.

Dolphins: They are considered magical creatures. They are said to help you think more freely and creatively. You can place dolphins in your child’s room or in your office.

Dragon: The dragon is one of the four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui and is the animal of the East. They can be placed almost anywhere in your home, but I would have at least one in the East. The dragon is considered ‘All Powerful’ and is said to bring wealth, prosperity, strength, protection, great success, good luck and abundance. If you have a dragon holding or protecting a round object, this is said to be the Pearl of Life and symbolizes wisdom and great achievement. They do not belong in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Eagle: An image or figurine of an eagle in full flight is an excellent symbol of success, strength, power and authority. Always have an eagle flying or climbing a tree, don’t show one looking wild and predatory. The best place in your career field or in the N corner of your desk or office

Elephant: Elephants are considered sacred creatures in Feng Shui and are probably best known for their symbolism of wisdom. They also symbolize good luck, fidelity, fertility, longevity and masculinity.

Fish: (Arowana, Money Carp). The Fish is a symbol of wisdom, faith, freedom, wholeness and purity. In Chinese, Arowana is called “Kam Lung Yue”, which means Golden Dragon Fish. This name is synonymous with great wealth in abundance. Fish represent the Yang energy that brings good luck to your home or business. The fish also symbolizes freedom from limitations. The fish often appears on the soles of the Buddha’s feet representing the power of energy.

Fu Dogs: Fu Dogs are part lion and part dragon. They are used to protect your home or office from negative energies and prevent evil or people with bad intentions from entering your home. The male represents the domain of the world in general, and the female represents offspring and home. These are meant to be set into the ground and frame your front door. Place the male with a ball under the leg on the left side of the door as you face out. The female with a lion under her foot should be on the right.

Horse: In a galloping stance, the horse represents nobility, fame and recognition and is also used for single people looking for a life partner. Do not display a racehorse directly in front of or behind you. The best location to place the horse is the living room and in the southern part of your home or office. Do not display the horse in any of the bedrooms.

iguana: The iguana symbolizes creativity, spontaneity and play. It’s a good item to put in your child’s Personal Development area.

Lion: It symbolizes courage and bravery. He is considered a guardian and protector of businesses and homes. A pair of lions with their two front feet on the ground can be placed on either side of the front entrance to your home or business to protect wealth.

In love: Because lovebirds form an attachment to their partners and are said to move away when one dies or separates, they represent devotion, fidelity and romantic bliss. It is best placed in the SW of the house or bedroom. These are the Western civilization equivalents of the Chinese Mandarin duck.

Lucky Cat: The lucky cat has a very powerful symbolism in bringing luck and good fortune to your home. They can be placed in the sector of good luck or in the SE corner of the home or office. The legend behind the lucky cat is this: In the 17th century, there was a ruined and destitute temple in Tokyo. The temple priest was very poor, but he shared what little food he had with his pet, Tama. One day, a feudal lord was caught in a storm while hunting and took refuge under a large tree near the temple. While waiting for the storm to pass, the man noticed Tama, the priest’s cat, beckoning him to enter the temple gate. The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and immediately, a bolt of lightning struck the place where the lord was standing. So the cat saved his life. Since then, the Lucky Cat has been considered an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin).

Mandarin Ducks: Like love birds, mandarin ducks represent devotion, fidelity and romantic bliss and should be placed in the SW sector of your home or bedroom.

Money Frog: This is a mythical animal known as “Chan Chu” and is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive news of increased wealth and good fortune. Also called the “Three Legged Money Frog” it is usually placed just inside your front door facing the house. The coin in its base must be placed with the four symbols up, not down. It can also be placed in your property area and next to a cash register. They should never be placed in a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Panda bear: This beautiful animal is one of the most endangered animals in existence. It is called Da xiong mao which means giant bear cat in China. The Panda is believed to have magical powers that can ward off natural disasters and evil spirits and is also a symbol of peace.

Peacock: The peacock is the western culture equivalent of the phoenix in China. Placed in the SW of your home or bedroom it is said to attract and strengthen happy relationships and marriage.

Phoenix: The phoenix is ​​an imaginary creature of ancient Chinese Feng Shui. The phoenix is ​​usually red or crimson in color and symbolizes the luck of wish fulfillment. The south corner of your home or office can be activated by placing the phoenix there. The Phoenix is ​​said to bring opportunity, fame and recognition. When combined with his “soulmate” the Dragon, he placed SW to attract happy relationships and marriage.

Red Bird: This can be a picture or figurine/statue of any kind of bird, parrot, cardinal, etc. Put in the South for protection.

Cock: If you have a lot of prosaic office politics in the workplace, displaying a rooster in your office is said to counter this negative energy. The rooster is said to stifle arguments, backstabbing and politics. Also, pointing a rooster’s beak at a beam or pillar in the house will deflect the negative chi it may bring.

Tiger: The tiger is considered the king of wild animals. It is seen as a symbol of royalty, power and fearlessness. An image of the Tiger is believed to dispel negative chi. The Tiger is very important in Feng Shui because its stripes represent the auspicious balance of Yin and Yang.

Turtles: The turtle symbolizes support, longevity, endurance, wealth, a happy family, great generations, good luck and fortune. Because the turtle is one of the celestial animals, it is also said to possess protective powers. Legend tells us that the turtle has in its body the secret of heaven and earth and the design on its shell shows the magic square Lo Shu which is the guide to life. Turtles can be placed anywhere, but you should really have at least one in the northern part of your home. They can face in different directions depending on what they are made of. For example: place crystal turtles facing North, metal turtles facing West, wooden turtles facing East or Southeast, ceramic turtles facing Southwest or Northeast. The dragon-headed turtle is a powerful symbol of wealth, health, prosperity and protection and should be placed in the North or South-East.

Wild Geese: Since wild geese always fly in pairs, it is excellent to place them in the SW part of your home or bedroom to strengthen your romantic relationship. Geese are messengers of good news and represent the married state.

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