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Punjab In Real Crisis

Punjab is one of the most important states of India. The word Punjab means “The Land of Five Rivers”. But the Punjab of today is not the same as it was some twenty-five years ago. Now it is a land that is losing water reserves. It now has only three rivers, which do not meet the growing water needs on land. Water scarcity has created a serious problem in the state. The problem is not only the drop in the groundwater level but also the amount of rain is decreasing every year. As you travel through the roads of Punjab, you will notice the dried up lakes, rivers and canals.

Punjab, which prospered with record rice production in the past, is now facing its worst water shortage situation. Rice cultivation has absorbed the water of Punjab. Farmers sow paddy fields hoping to bring good income. But the hard work is ruined when they fail to provide the required amount of water to the crops. Neither the rivers help the farmers nor the rains or the wells. As a result, crops fail and all hopes are dashed. The loan with huge interest keeps the farmer in huge debt. They find no other way to pay the loans the farmers take to drink and even kill themselves.

The idea of ​​growing cotton as an alternative to growing rice suffered the same fate. In this case the problem is not the lack of water but the pests that damage the cotton crops. Pests are tough nuts to crack. They cannot be easily killed with pesticides and the pests continue to destroy cotton crops. Government agencies are no help. If the problem continues then one day the people of Punjab will see buying these goods coming from other states and paying a heavy price with interstate taxes.

What is the solution to this problem?

One way is to go back to conventional crops like maize, wheat, gram, mustard etc. The other way is to grow those crops that are directly related to daily consumption, such as transportation fuel needs. Some farmers are already growing Jojoa, a plant that produces an oil like diesel from its fruit. To solve the electricity needs as electricity, farmers can easily turn to solar energy. To get rid of pests of all kinds, the best idea is to adopt organic means of farming. In this case there is a big challenge to change the opinion of ordinary people. It is very difficult to make a farmer a friend of a snake, which is believed to be an enemy. You have to do a lot of work and even then there is no guarantee of success. Snakes as a matter of fact kill rats, which consume at least 5% of the wheat. This is an example of how animals help humans. Owls also eat rats. But man kills owls in the name of bad omens. Likewise people hate bats. Bats are associated with evil and people believe they are bloodthirsty. But few people know the fact that a single bat consumes up to 600 mosquitoes a day. Similarly, a small insect from the beetle family popularly called a ladybug feeds voraciously on aphids, which suck the sap of fruit-bearing plants from soft parts such as new leaves and shoots.

But out of ignorance we use pesticides and chemicals to kill every insect without knowing whether it is useful or harmful to humans and plants. Now we don’t see any flocks of sparrows in or around our houses. There are not many crows. The kites and vultures are all gone. Owls great and small have been killed. There are no huge and tall trees to support the wild birds. Burning paddy waste in fields kills beneficial fungi that are good for crops. Millions of insects are either killed or removed from the fields, so that we see them in the tube lights and lamps finding a safe place.

The root of all problems lies in food. In fact, the use of chemicals as pesticides has contaminated the entire food chain. For example, we use chemical spray to kill pests on plants. Infected plants are eaten by cows in the form of fodder. Milk quality is affected. People consume the contaminated milk. This contaminated milk affects people’s health. Every day we hear about newer diseases appearing in one form or another.

Let’s make Punjab a proud state again. Nothing is impossible if people are determined. Let’s commit to avoiding something that isn’t that difficult. First let’s stop using plastic bags. Let’s go back to using conventional media in everyday life. Let’s start using fire ash in cleaning kitchen utensils. Let’s stop using chemical cleaners. Let’s stop using aluminum cookware and use iron ones. The next time you see an owl, a bat, a snake, a spider and a tall old tree, don’t forget to thank God because it might be the last. Chances are, you may not get a chance to see it again. Think seriously! About the green Punjab of the past. When its rivers flowed with milk and not pollution. When Punjab wrestlers were world champions. When the air was clear as a breath from heaven and there was no smoke or lung disease. When the water overflowed the banks of the village canals. When people could drink freely from rivers and canals.

Let the owls return, let the vultures and kites return. Let the bats fly freely and let the snakes hide in the holes. When all this happens, there will be an end to all the confusion and danger to Mother Nature and our environment. Let us all pray to God, May the lost glory of my Punjab be restored and smiles return to the faces of all Punjabi Brothers so that they may happily keep up with the world needs and contribute to world affairs in a healthy and creative way. It is time to change them for good, otherwise we will be left behind and lose out on food exports. People now are more health conscious. Our rice does not compete with global standards with excessive chemical content. The need is to grow organic food and eat healthy and eat healthy should be our motto.

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